Join us for the 2023 Academic Achievement Study!

In Nebraska, homeschooled families are NOT required to test. Many families, however, find testing to be beneficial. NCHEA is happy to partner with BJU Press Testing and Evaluation to offer the Nebraska Assessments from home. When you test with NCHEA & BJU, the...

Covid-19 Update for Conference

The City of Lincoln's mask mandate has been officially terminated. Masks will not be mandated by the city for any conference attendee. Prior to this, the NCHEA was leaving the decision to wear a mask up to conference attendee's discretion. Conference registration has...

What’s My Child’s Learning Preference?

Discover and unleash your child's superpower!Does your child love to talk, sing, and does she have fantastic verbal skills? Or, does your child have a vivid imagination, easily recognizes faces and places, and is she a whiz with directions and maps? Or, maybe your...

NCHEA Legislative Alerts

The NCHEA normally sends out legislative information via NCHEA Legislative Alerts to NCHEA members.  We are using the Legislative Issues web pages only for unspecified special situations.