Position Statement

NCHEA Position Statement

Our Beliefs About Home Education

  • We believe the family is the basic governmental, social, and spiritual unit created by God. In it the child gradually learns self-government, social relationships, and develops a relationship to the Creator and Savior. The family also provides protection from over-extensive government and over-stimulating social involvement.

  • We understand God’s structure for the family to mean a man and woman, married to each other for life, and as God determines, one or more children. We do recognize the exception of the single parent.
  • We believe the ultimate responsibility for the education of children belongs to parents. We believe this is an inalienable right given by God which the State cannot create, destroy, or alter. Parents may allow another to teach some of the cognitive information that children need to know, but all education must be under the control and supervision of the parents.
  • We believe education in the home to be the best form of education, but we recognize that many parents cannot educate at home for valid reasons and support the right of parents to send their children to private schools.
  • We believe that all education is religious in nature since one’s view of the world and life inevitably is involved in teaching. Every discipline of knowledge, whether it be subjects such as mathematics, science, or history, will have as its final reference point a theistic or humanistic view of reality. Therefore, there is no neutral academic discipline.
  • Thus, we believe that all social, physical, cognitive, and affective knowledge and training should have as its beginning the fear of God, and its end the glory of God.

              The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge.   Proverbs 1:7a