NE Government

The Nebraska Christian Home Educators Association

Maintaining Your Right to Homeschool

Establishing Relationships

Homeschooling parents must remain vigilant regarding their right to homeschool. To assist parents in this task, NCHEA establishes relationships and communication with government officials to:

  • Deter the enactment of detrimental legislation;
  • Encourage and influence legislation favorable to the rights of Christian parents to home educate their children;
  • Provide information to parents so they can make informed voting decisions.

Monitoring and Testifying    

NCHEA monitors the Unicameral and presents testimony before the Nebraska legislature on behalf of member families. We strive to alert our members regarding legislation, legal, and political issues affecting homeschooling and parental rights.

The Nebraska Unicameral is in session 60 or 90 days beginning the first Wednesday of January. During that time, the NCHEA monitors issues developing in the Unicameral. To review the current issues the NCHEA is monitoring, read the latest Legislative Alert.

Preparing a Candidate Survey

During an election year, NCHEA conducts a Candidate Survey to inform you about the candidates’ views concerning homeschooling.


Learn more about how to protect your family from government intervention at parentalrights.org.