rDollarphotoclub_82132782A Nebraska homeschool family recently, and unexpectedly, lost its husband and father.  The needs are great as financial support is limited to death benefits which are small and won’t be available for a time.  As the family strives to maintain their shared vision of living in their current location and homeschooling (8 & 10 y/o boys), they are challenged to trust upon the Lord and rest in His promise: “The Lord protects the strangers; He supports the fatherless and the widow; He thwarts the way of the wicked.”  Psalms 146: 9.

I remind you of James 1:27 and ask has God placed it upon your heart to help families like these?  I am raising funds to help this family and ones like them.  They are in need of financial support and a few goods [specifically groceries, fall/winter clothing for the boys, and maybe some feed for the animals].  If you think you can help, feel free to donate to the Home School Foundation at:


All proceeds from this fund are ear-marked to help Nebraska homeschool families in need.   Additionally, if you think you may be able to assist in some other way, please contact Kathryn Dillow, Nebraska State Ambassador @ hsf.ne.amb@gmail.com or (402) 983-1354.

In His hands,