Teen Conference

Creation Training Initiative Apologetics


 Are you ready to infiltrate opposing ideologies and defend your faith?


 Join us and prepare to:

  • Clearly present the gospel to others.
  • Memorize and answer 10-15 challenges to the Biblical account of Creation.
  • Identify logical fallacies in everyday objections to the Christian Worldview.
  • Clearly defend your faith against cultural attacks.

 In Creation Training Initiative Apologetics …

Amazing evidences from “Creation Training Initiative” will build your arsenal of defense.

Strategic information in “Discerning Truth,” by Dr. Jason Lisle, will improve reasoning skills.

Researching the background on Lucy, Nebraska Man, and other stories will give you the facts.

Come and discover why what you believe about Creation truly matters!


Note: Parents/Guardians are required to pre-register for the NCHEA’s adult conference for their teen(s) to participate in the Teen Conference.