2023 Medical Information and Release Form

The Nebraska Christian Home Educators Association

2023 Medical Information & Release Form (Medical) and Release & Indemnification Form (Indemnification) Requirements for Kids Conference and Teen Conference Registration

Parents/guardians can choose from two options to submit the medical information, releases, etc. in 2023. This information must be submitted prior to the end of the registration period, February 6, 2023.  (The Indemnification Form was previously included in the online registration form for the Kids & Teen Conferences.) 

Option 1 - Online Medical Release

Parents / guardians can provide the necessary medical information and signatures online without having to mail any of the documentation to the NCHEA. The online process requires the parents / guardians to provide information on their child(ren) or teen(s), the parent’s / guardian’s and an alternate contact information, and then digitally agree to signing the document. The parent / guardian will option to agree to and sign the prior to submitting the information. 

Option 2 - Mail Hardcopy

The second option is to print, complete, sign, and mail the form, which includes the Medical and Indemnification in one document, to the appropriate Conference registrar shown below. This is the link to mail in form: 

Please mail the signed hard copy to the following locations:

Kids Conference Send to:  

Registration Coordinator, Tina Gould

1655 Harwood Street, Lincoln, NE 68502

Teen Conference Send to: 

Registration Coordinator, Jean Bennett 

2408 South 18th Street, Lincoln, NE 68502