NCHEA 2021 Kids Conference:  In the beginning – GOD!!

March 12 & 13, 2020

Kids Conference 2021:    Bible + Music + Drama + Friends +Games

Your children (ages 5-12) will have a great two days exploring the wonders of God’s handiwork in the beauty of His creation. The Bible lessons will look intently at the Biblical account of Creation as well as the scientific evidence that supports the Bible. Our crafts and music will help support what the children are learning about our great Creator. Your children will come home with a firm understanding of the Creation account, and the amazing God who made them.

NCHEA Kids Conference is excited to present In the beginning GOD!  Youth (ages 5-12) are invited to enroll in this two-day program as we engage in captivating drama, songs, Scripture memory, object lessons, hands-on projects and games.

This program should not be viewed as merely child-care. It is intended to deliver a Bible-based character message in a memorable and fun way. Since a portion of this program will involve age-integrated small groups, families may request that siblings stay together.

Kids Conference registration is closed.

Note: Parents/Guardians are required to pre-register for the NCHEA’s adult conference for their child(ren) to participate in the Kids Conference.