2018 – Why Attend

Education, Encouragement, and Enrichment

NCHEA Conference and Curriculum Fair is April 27 & 28, 2018!


2018’s featured speakers include:

  • Adam Andrews, Center for Literacy Education

  • Ian Andrews, Center for Literacy Education

  • Carol Becker, HSLDA High School Consultant

  • Jake MacAulay, The Institute on the Constitution

  • Kathleen Cotter Lawler, RightStartMath

Conference AttendeeThe annual NCHEA Conference and Curriculum Fair (C&CF) is a tremendous opportunity for you to attend your choice of more than 40 speakers and workshops and to research curriculum options and other educational materials from a large number of vendors. The C&CF is designed to address the interests and needs of a wide spectrum of attendees, from those considering homeschooling to the veteran with senior high school students.

The registration fee funds the event as well as covering annual administrative costs and expenses to monitor legislation.

Here are a few of the many reasons to attend:

Curriculum — Nothing can compare to rooms full of homeschool curriculum that you can actually hold in your hands and evaluate. (You can’t do that on the internet.)

Answers from Vendors — Our vendors are eager to answer your questions and share their exciting materials and programs.

Savings — Actually examining the books and materials can save you from making costly mistakes. Many vendors also offer discounts during the conference.

Main Speakers —  Our speakers’ messages will encourage both moms AND dads to step out in faith, to keep on with their homeschool vision, and to raise children who are successful in what truly matters.

Workshops — Many  more speakers will be presenting workshops on topics vital to encouraging and equipping you for homeschool success!  There will be a workshop to help with almost all of your questions! Workshop speakers are also available for individual consultation.

Professional Growth — All teachers can use more education about teaching techniques and strategies, children’s learning styles, etc.

Encouragement — Every homeschooler can use more encouragement, and we believe this year’s conference will supply an abundance.

Fellowship / Connections / Networking — There is something amazing about being around others who have the same faith, convictions, and vision as you. What a confidence booster!

Inspiration — There are moments in life when things suddenly become clear and you know exactly what God would have you to do.

Kids Conference — This very popular, two-day conference always challenges children to serve others and the Lord Jesus Christ. It is filled with drama, songs, Scripture memory, object lessons, hands-on projects, and games. Space is limited, so sign up early!

Teen Conference — There is a new topic every year. Teens enjoy two days of a being together and being challenged to live for Christ.

Graduate Recognition — What an encouragement to see so many young people who have been successfully homeschooled and are planning to do remarkable things! Children who attend often catch your vision and look forward to the day when they will be among the graduates.

Spiritual Growth — We certainly hope that you will be encouraged and challenged in your Christian faith.

Relaxation /Change of Pace /Time Off/Fun — Times of vacation from the everyday demands of life are important for your sense of well-being. We hope you will relax, have fun, and enjoy the conference!

Details of the 2017  NCHEA Conference and Curriculum Fair are still available in the 2017 Conf. & Curr. Fair Archive menu to give you an idea of the kinds of things that are typically available at our annual Conference and Curriculum Fairs.

As homeschool parents, we wield an amazing amount of power to influence our children. When we are happy and excited about our job, we bring excitement and joy to our children. 

Details of the 2018 NCHEA Conference and Curriculum Fair are posted on this website as they become available.  Checkout the submenus under the Conference & Curriculum Fair entry on the main menu bar.

We hope you will attend the coming conference and come away with a renewed sense of excitement and joy in the God-given privilege of teaching your children!